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Australian Scout Jamboree AJ2016 Sydney


The countdown to AJ2016 began late last year.

Scouts from Forrestfield will be attending this event in the first week of 2016. Depending on numbers from Forrestfield, we will join other Scout Troops from around the District or State, to form one Jamboree Troop. There is approximately 36 Scouts in each Troop and they are put into Patrols for the duration of this Event.

Scouts need to have achieved a level of competency with their Badgework which qualifies them for the Pioneer Badge. They must have slept at least 10 nights under canvas (in tents) prior to attending the Jamboree and 3 nights must be continuous for one event. This is all as Scouts at Scout events, not family trips or weekends away.

Their application needs to be endorsed and signed by the Forrestfield Scout Leader the submitted to the Scouts WA Contingent Leader for final approval.

A preparation camp or Shakedown Camp is compulsory for all Scouts attending the Jamboree. This will be in the last quarter of the year.

We will travel Sydney and Cataract Park where the Jamboree is held.

The cost for this event is to be in the order of $2,000 which includes the fee payable to Scouts WA, plus a cost for the Troop fee and spending money allowance. This gives you an idea of the funds needed. It is great value when you look at it as $170/day for the time we are away. This includes meals, accommodation, travel costs, Jamboree clothing and travel bag, fantastic activities and even concerts and entertainment at the event.

Scouts undertake activities at the Jamboree site and also attend activities in and around Sydney and local areas.

Checkout the Official Jamboree Website and register for the enews so you stay up to date with the developments as we get closer to January 2016.

In the coming weeks, we will be seeking registration of interest from Forrestfield Scouts as to who is planning to apply etc and who needs help with progression of badgework and camps etc. This will also help us as a Group plan for leader attendance, fundraising opportunities etc.

In the mean time, enjoy the promo video:

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